Need those parts quick? then FDM 3D printing is what you’re looking for. Lead times starting from just 48 hrs depending on the size of the part and a wide range of materials are available and colours.

FDM Parts are strong and resilient perfect for fit & form testing or jigs and prototype parts.

This is one of the most affordable 3D printing process making possible the creation of large models, architectural mock-ups and signs we also have no minimum quantities. 


Are you looking to have your highly detailed parts printed? From model makers, jewellery manufactures, dental casting  ​resin printing can produce highly detailed parts down to 25 microns per layer.

Resin prints can be made in a variety of materials from industrial grade, high temp and casting resins. 

What much does it cost?

Due to the size, build times, materials used we can only provide a quote based on your supplied STL files.

To get a quotation, please email your file to us, stating service you require FDM/Resin what materials, colour and quantity you require